LAN Solutions

- Understanding Customer’s Requirement
- Design of the Network
- Planning and Sourcing of Equipments
- Implementation of the project
- Testing & Certification
- Site handing over & Maintenance during & after Warranty Period

WAN Solutions

- Connectivity between the Locations Liasioning for the Lease Lines at Multiple Locations
- Deciding on the best Media to be implemented
- Supply and Configuration of WAN Equipments.
- Implementation of VPN’s & Voice
- Integration over WAN Links
- Point to Point & Multipoint Radio Links

Network Security

- Design and Implementation of Security Systems
- Implementation of Firewalls
- VPN Configuration
- Implementation of Security Policies
- Consultancy on Security Policy Setting of access levels for networks

Our Expertise

Network Solution

Reliable Technologies have continued to thrive ahead of the technology curve. We provide excellence through our unmatched experience by building networks geared towards specific consumer-based needs. Whether clients need to reach a supplier on the other side of the world with real time video or connect their kingdom-wide offices through a secure network, we can make it happen. Our promise of network solutions means more than just a typical building of our customers network infrastructure; we are giving them the peace of mind through our guarantee to provide of business continuity, security and data durability..


LAN solutions links together electronic equipment, such as computers and word processors, and hence forms a network within a building, office or any other area. Whether your considering a LAN connection or have an existing one in place, we have a range of services to offer. Apart from taking care of the set up, our technicians help you to increase the system productivity. Their years of experience in the networking area that can benefit your organization and assist in smooth.


WAN solutions uses devices as telephone lines, satellite dishes, or radio waves to span a larger geographic area than can be covered by a LAN. We are amongst the leaders in providing extensive experience in the design, installation and maintenance of network systems like WAN. Our qualified team of engineers support your software needs, whether it be on a user's workstation or your company's file server..

Networking Infrastructure
System Intigration
Security & Surveillance